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Turnkey Craft Pub Solutions

Turnkey Craft Pub Solutions

The design of each of our pub craft beer systems is based on the brewmaster’s requirements for craftsmanship and brewed beer types, as well as site conditions. The brewhouse equipment can be combined with your own decoration plan to achieve a unified style of store decoration and equipment. The entire system is perfectly connected and successfully debugged according to the on-site layout before leaving the factory, ensuring that the on-site workload is saved and installation and debugging time is maximized.
In response to the construction requirements for pub-type craft beer production, we strive for perfection in every link, shorten the construction period, and improve quality. After the completion of each project, every consumer can experience craft beer and the culture brought by beer brewing and fun, allowing every consumer to become a disseminator of craft beer culture.
Turnkey Craft Pub Solutions
Turnkey Craft Pub Solutions

Basic Configuration

Configuration chosen based on our experience
ZYB Craft
Hot Liquid Tank

Yeast System

Cold Liquid Tank

Brewhouse Equipment

Air Pressure System

Fermentation Tank

Bright Tank

Stainless Steel Manifold

Control Cabinet

Plate Heat Exchanger

ZYB Craft

Optional Configuration

Can be freely selected according to production needs

Technical Advantages

Cutting-Edge Brewery Equipment Design

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The bar craft brewing system realizes the perfect layout and production of the bar craft brewing system according to the existing site requirements and also considers the perfect combination of various factors in the overall operation process. The basic configuration is divided into German style 2 cans and 3 vessels, or American style 2 vessels. The main features of the product are a small footprint, reasonable layout, strong flexibility, simple operation, multiple product models, complete categories, beautiful craftsmanship, optional components, and customized non-standard equipment.
Turnkey Craft Pub Solutions
Turnkey Craft Pub Solutions
ZYB Craft recommends the perfect matching solution for every customer. To meet different levels of design and production needs, a variety of brewing processes can be flexibly used, and the flavor and physical and chemical indicators of the wine can be controlled. It not only has extremely high ornamental value but also allows guests to intuitively see the entire process of beer production and appreciate beer culture. profound connotation. This equipment is suitable for hotels, barbecue restaurants, restaurants, bars, and other catering and entertainment venues.

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At ZYB Craft, we’re dedicated to bringing your brewery vision to life. Our expert team of brewers, engineers, and craftspeople is ready to design and manufacture the perfect equipment for your brewing operation. Whether you’re just starting or expanding, we’re here to help. Please leave your specifications, and our team will get in touch to discuss your project in detail. We’ll work closely with you to create equipment that meets your unique needs and budget.
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